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Advanced Session for TerraSync or ESRI ArcPad with Pathfinder Office (4 Days)

Along with the objectives taught in the basic and intermediate courses, the Advanced 4-day course takes you from the beginning teaching you the fundamentals of GPS, TerraSync or ArcPad and GPS Pathfinder office. This course will also expose you to the use of in-field navigation options, creation of waypoints and the updating of current data sets. High accuracy Carrier phase processing will be covered.

Course Benefits:

Increase productivity by using industry-proven field-to-finish procedures

Increase efficiency and improve results by learning the fundamentals of GPS and how to maximize your GPS investment

Certificate awarded to those who complete course

Course Topics:

Who should attend:

New users : Minimize your learning curve, helping you to realize the full potential of your newly acquired system

Current users : Excellent refresher course. Learn techniques that help you to gather more accurate data and learn the newest techniques.



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